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Tromba Plastic Bb Trumpet (Trompet)

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This apparently plastic trumpet has two sneaky secret ingredients: metallic valves and a lead pipe. Part of Tromba’s True Note Technology, this clever use of metal where it matters ensures both sound and playability stay sharp. All the benefits of a plastic trumpet, none of the compromises.


Customisation Kits

The OPTIONAL Tromba Trumpet Colour Customisation Kits allow you to add a bit of extra colour to your Tromba Trompet. For example, if you wanted a blue trumpet with red accents, you might buy a blue trumpet and a red customisation kit. They also serve as spares if you wanted to be a little creative with them.

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Less fatigue, more fun

About half the weight of a brass instrument, the trumpets are far easier to hold for long periods. That makes them ideal for young learners with weaker arms and short attention spans, and perfect if you have aches and pains that are making it harder to enjoy playing (or even if you’re so far pain free and want to stay that way!)

Play anywhere

No more worries about looking after your expensive horn when you’re out and about. With its body of toughened ABS plastic, the lightweight Tromba trumpet is great for holidays, parties and school band trips. Take it along any time you want something easy to carry and hard to damage.
In a marching band? Throw away those thick gloves – the plastic’s so much warmer to the touch than cold brass.

Great for kids

Everything about this Tromba trumpet makes it fantastic for kids. Fun, lightweight and extremely robust, it survives well even in the hands of the most (over)enthusiastic young players. It’s also hygienic and easily cleaned – a bonus when you’re sharing instruments. And on top of all that, it’s unbeatable value for money!

FREE bonus items with every Tromba trumpet:

  • Lightweight padded carry bag
  • Fold up desktop stand
  • 7c and 5c mouthpieces
  • Cleaning kit
  • B-Flat

Instrument weight: 0.5kgs
Unboxed Weight 1.38 Kgs
Boxed Weight 1.83 Kgs

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